“Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non-Profit City General Master­plan” Wins 2022 German Design Award


Expressing their gratification on behalf of the entire planning team at AS+P: City planners Carlos Bustani and Esra’ Al-Najjar, Associate Partner and Project Director Jürgen Häpp and CEO Joachim Schares. © German Design Council, photographer Lutz Sternstein

The masterplan for a 344-hectare municipality in the heart of Riyadh which has already been the recipient of the Iconic Award has now received a special mention in the German Design Award “Urban Space and Infrastructure” category.

AS+P’s interdisciplinary team is particularly gratified after having impressed the jury with its “outstanding design achievements” and its “own signature approach”. The project is currently on show, together with the other winning projects, at Museum Angewandte Kunst, the Museum of Applied Art, in Frankfurt. It was here that Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, ceremoniously presented the relevant certificates.

As the winner of an inter­national planning competition, AS+P developed the masterplan for an innovative cluster in Riyadh for the MBS Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation. The brief was to come up with a lively, self-contained, adaptable municipality suitable for living and working in, as well as to provide space and potential for numerous sectors from the creative and technology-related sectors. With, among other things, districts with mixed uses, short distances and a focus on sustainable mobility, the planned district include all aspects of future-proof urban planning. The particular importance of micro-mobility is stressed by the iconic design for two pedestrian and bicycle bridges.

On the winning project


Exhibition 2022 German Design Award

February 11-27, 2022

Museum Angewandte Kunst Schaumainkai 17

60594 Frankfurt

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman non-profit city with the LIFELINE and the Hanifah wadi. Illustration © AS+P Albert Speer + GmbH | V1