Visiting Tokyo: AS+P und PROPROJEKT present the concept for the German House


During the preparatory trip for partners of Team Germany and the German Paralympic Team for Tokyo 2020, Deutsche Sport Marketing (DSM) hosted a reception in the future German House, the meeting place for athletes, partners, political and media representatives, and the Olympic and Paralympic sporting community.

The guests of DSM enjoyed a splendid view of Tokyo’s evening skyline as Friedbert Greif, managing director of AS+P, Daniel Ulrich, associate partner and architect at AS+P, and Phillip Michler, project manager at PROPROJEKT, explained the concept for the German House on the fifth floor of the shopping mall in Odaiba, a district on manmade Odaiba Island in the Tokyo Bay Zone. Next summer this carefully chosen venue is set to be a prominent location and a popular meeting place during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Boasting a spacious terrace, pool, and a view of the famous Rainbow Bridge, the German House on the fifth floor, alongside other spaces in the mall, will offer athletes, media, partners, and business representatives an ideal platform for chatting, relaxing, and celebrating.

With regard to the design of the House the aim was primarily to cater to the special needs of the athletes. These included the central location, with short distances of less than three kilometers to numerous sporting venues such as the beach volleyball, tennis, and wheelchair tennis stadiums, and climbing, gymnastics, and triathlon swimming venues. The Olympic and Paralympic village and the media center are also only six kilometers away, while at a distance of 12 kilometers the Olympic Stadium is likewise close. Once again, this year PROPROJEKT and AS+P, as strategic partners of Team Germany and the German Paralympic Team are helping DSM in the search and design of a suitable setting for the German House. Last year the two companies planned and designed the German House in PyeongChang.

Since 1988 the German House has traditionally been one of the key meeting points for athletes, business partners, journalists and representatives of politics and society, and it is where important events such as the daily press conference are held. Since Vancouver 2010 there has likewise been the Paralympics counterpart every two years.

Photo above: © Deutsche Sport Marketing (DSM)


German House / Paralympics German House

Term: July 24 through August 9, 2020 during the Olympic Games

          August 26 through September 6, 2020 during the Paralympic Games

Surface area: 4,500 m2

Expected number of guests: up to 1,000 visitors daily

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The Aqua City Mall in Odaiba district. Photo: © Deutsche Sport Marketing (DSM)

View of Rainbow Bridge: Friedbert Greif, managing director of AS+P, on the rooftop terrace of the Aqua City Mall. Photo: © Deutsche Sport Marketing (DSM)