AS+P Architects Consulting (Shanghai) has won first prize in the Bao Steel Urban Renewal International Competition


1st prize for the design: Birdseye view of the planned area. All illustrations © AS+P Architects Consulting (Shanghai)

With the design for a nine-km² area, the Bao Shan district on the northern edge of Shanghai in collaboration with Shanghai Yingyi Planning & Design, the AS+P-team certainly impressed the jury judging the inter­national competition.

AS+P is extremely gratified by the decision by the competition’s organizers, Shanghai Baosteel Stainless Co., Ltd., the second largest iron and steel company in the People’s Republic of China. The competition called for functional planning for what used to be home to numerous factories and workshops but is now, with new trade centers, offices, public institutions and a park, destined to become an industrial, administrative and cultural center, one that will be viable in the long term.

In terms of urban planning, two axes had to be taken into account. The first is shaped by the Wen Zho Bang river and the second by the park with its steel corporations, whereby the existing industrial infrastructure dominates the open space design of the latter. Moreover, the competition brief also included conversion of a factory. With some 150,000 m² of gross floor area, the task was to create space not only for apartments and offices but also sports facilities and cultural institutions. their design, AS+P Shanghai and Shanghai Yingyi Planning & Design won out over such practices as Nikken SEKKE Union, BDP Union and THUPDI Union: The team came up with an urbanist structure consisting of nine individual clusters and centers. Its design and stylistic vocabulary were retained as to bring the earlier usage to mind – a unique feature destined going forwards to set the area apart as one of Shanghai’s industrial sub-centers. The planners focused particularly on Center Steel Park, which is valued as a local recreational area, with its tower made of structural steel, numerous different landscape levels, leisure areas and a science center for children and young people.

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Tower made of structural steel complete with academy

Central Steel Park with shoreline promenade: The tower is one of the area’s important landmarks

The Crafts Road: Monuments, lampposts and cylindrical graffiti walls with an industrial design that is a reminder of the fact that the area was once predominantly the site of factories.

Central strip of parks with a high concentration of clusters on both sides