AS+P awarded the contract for reviewing the Wiesbaden Land Use Plan


Land Use Plan of Wiesbaden 2010 © Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden, Stadt­planungsamt

The preliminary draft will be developed in the coming months in close consultation with the City of Wiesbaden Dept. of Planning, other specialist departments, and in collaboration with landscape planners L.A.U.B. and communications agency Urban Catalyst.

Over the next few months, the AS+P & L.A.U.B team will hold extensive discussions with countless of the players involved to detail what already exists, identify development potentials and planning objectives for the Land Use Plan for the city of Wiesbaden, which covers some 204 km².

Located between the Rhine and Main rivers, the city of Wiesbaden is defined by the close proximity there of housing and business, and by rural suburbs, too. According to calculations by the Wiesbaden Office of Statistics and Urban Research, the population have risen from currently about 290,000 by approx. 5 % by the year 2035. The reviewed version of the Land Use Plan is intended to lay the foundations for future urban developments and challenges.

AS+P will not only prepare the Land Use Plan itself but also structural analyses and a study of the urban landscape as well as strategic ancillary plans. Moreover, it envisages using various civic inclusion formats. Parallel to this, L.A.U.B. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH will formulate the environmental report.