AS+P-Managing Director Joachim Schares reelected to Ghorfa’s Executive Committee


From left to right: Joachim Schares, Managing Director, AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, presenter; Dr. Jörg Westphal, Schüco International KG, Executive Senior Vice-President, International Business; Dr. Udo Hünger, BASF Vice-President, Middle-East; Georg Weber, Chief Technology Officer, WILO, Germany; Ahmad Hawsawi, CEO, Siemens Ltd., Saudi Arabia. © Ghorfa, photo: Constanze Mcloughlin

On Monday, Joachim Schares, Managing Partner at AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, was reelected as a member of the Executive Committee for the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e. V. This means that for three more years he will continue to be on the Executive Committee of Ghorfa, the representative office for all the Arabian chambers of commerce and industry in the Federal Republic of Germany. In this capacity, he will be actively campaigning for strengthening economic ties between Germany and the Arab world.

As one of the presenters of the 2nd panel, “Urban Infrastructure & Smart Cities Reconstruction, Sustainable Recovery and Economic Regeneration”, at the 24th Arab German Business Forum in Berlin Schares offered exclusive insights into the subject of urban development at the discussion with high-caliber guests. He joined in the lively debate with Dr. Jörg Westphal, Executive Senior Vice-President, International Business, at Schüco International KG, Dr. Udo Hünger, Vice-President of BASF Middle-East, (both of them held lectures on the subject of urban infrastructures), Georg Weber, Chief Technology Officer at WILO, and Ahmad Hawsawi, CEO of Siemens Ltd. in Saudi Arabia, (who delivered lectures on the subject of smart cities), to discuss opportunities for focusing cities on future challenges by using new technologies and integrated urban planning.

“Although towns and cities are responsible for more than 70 percent of the world’s Co2 output they are also the place where people come together for education, healthcare, culture and business. Smart city technologies can make a valuable contribution to sustainable and resilient urban planning and to cutting negative effects,” explained Joachim Schares, summing up this successful event.

© Ghorfa, photo: Constanze Mcloughlin