The City of Frankfurt has commissioned AS+P with preparing the guidelines for the high-rise development plan 2021


Home game: AS+P emerged successful in the framework of the City of Frankfurt Planning Dept.S open tender process – and the interdisciplinary planning team is delighted by the win.

Through April next year, the AS+P team will, in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), will assess new and already defined potential high-rise locations both in the west of the city – the central banking district – and in the east in Ostend with Danziger Platz, the ECB and Osthafen Entrée. The objective is to develop forward-looking guidelines for Frankfurt’s high-rise development plan and carefully expand the city’s urban fabric with a view to specific segments and the city as a whole in a manner that is socially acceptable.

The team of experts at AS+P and AIT were each commissioned to handle one of two equivalent tasks. The guidelines are to be developed in parallel and in dialog between the two companies in order on the back of consultations with the specialists in the Planning Dept. to present different possible solutions and then advance these together. To this end, the city planners will focus specifically on the impact of high-rise projects on the cityscape and, if necessary, define new locations for towers. Special emphasis will be placed not only on sustainability, microclimatic and traffic factors, but also on usage mixes to energize public space and the creation of cultural and social services for the people in the surrounding areas. In conclusion, the findings will then be bundled in a set of holistic guidelines.

Updating the high-rise development plan is a very special honor for AS+P as it takes the urban planners back to the very early days of the company: For it was back in 1985 that AS+P compiled the guideline plans for downtown Frankfurt which designated Mainzer Landstrasse as one of the main downtown development axes. The AS+P team developed a future-oriented usage and design concept that went a long way toward ensuring the area evolved as a residential and service zone. In particular, the idea of a line of high-rises that define the cityscape remains a key element of Frankfurt’s skyline to this day.