New Cargolux Headquarters Awarded Steel Building Prize in Luxembourg


Left to right: Benjamin Guillaume and Marc Ewen (planning expert, AuCARRE Cabinet d’Ingénieurs Conseils), Andreas Diesner (architect, AS+P), Alexander Flassak (director of finances and real estate development, lux Airport), along with Stephane Rouillé (Grupo PnB) and Angelo Vitellaro (architect, lux Airport). Photo© Gilles Martin

Yesterday evening representatives of the developer, the AS+P team, and the structural engineers at AuCARRE Cabinet d’Ingénieurs Conseils accepted the “Prix de Concours Construction Acier 2021” in Luxembourg.

Of the total of 18 entries, it was this new building that succeeded in impressing the jury. The award ceremony took place in the evening at the EY head office in Luxembourg after the jury and everybody else involved had reviewed the nominated projects. As the judges at Infosteel, the organizers of the prize, agreed, the new Cargolux headquarters was a “remarkable example of the kind of building that demonstrates everything that can be achieved with steel and the enormous potential that this construction material has to offer.” They continued by explaining that in this particular instance the planners and engineers “perfectly showcased their talents – particularly in developing this hovering steel office ring”.

As the winners of a competition (first prize), held in September 2017, AS+P were commissioned by Société de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg S.A. to plan the new building for the Cargolux headquarters right by Findel Airport in Luxembourg. The design represents a continuation of the existing building’s linear structure and features not only a nine-meter-high glazed flight simulator hall but also a “floating office ring” forming the second and third floors. The building is supported by four access shafts than run right through the structure, and it projects unsupported out at one corner by as much as 40 meters, boasting a steel space frame. Among other things, the headquarters accommodates 375 workstations plus a conference area, and a zone for training courses. Click here for more information on the project.

On the organizers:

Active in Belgium and Luxembourg, Infosteel offers publications and organizes events on the building material that is steel, as well as assembling a wide network of expert know-how on the subject. They award an annual prize for outstanding steel structures

The prize. Photo © Gilles Martin

HQ with two-story office ring with approx. 80-meter edge length. Photo © Christophe Van Biesen