Implementation of Frankfurt Westside draws closer


Die Entwicklung von Frankfurt Westside gehört mit einem Plangebiet von rund 70 Hektar zu einer der größten Brownfield-Entwicklungen, die Frankfurt in den letzten Jahren umgesetzt hat. Hier: Modellfotoausschnitt © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, Modell GBM Modellbau GmbH

Weiterer Meilenstein im Planungsprozess rund um eines der größten Reaktivierungsprojekte Süddeutschlands erreicht: Ende Januar hat der Magistrat der Stadt Frankfurt beschlossen, einen Bebauungs­plan für das 73 Hektar große Gebiet am Griesheimer Mainufer aufzustellen und der Stadtverordnetenversammlung einen Rahmenplan vorzulegen.

In 2020, AS+P was commissioned by Beos AG and its parent company, Swiss Life Asset Managers, to come up with an urban development master plan including a structural concept for the conversion of the industrial site in western Frankfurt. The site is to become a sustainable commercial park with high-quality amenities and areas for events, hospitality, and culture. Recreational and sports facilities are also planned on the landscaped banks of the River Main. This will benefit not only the local employees, but all those living in the districts of western Frankfurt, according to Mike Josef, Executive Council member responsible for planning and who believes the development is a major opportunity. In addition to buildings for industry, trades, and commerce, new data centers are also to be built. At the same time, some existing buildings, chimneys, and the former port crane will be preserved as a way to help shape the district’s identity.

From 1856 onwards, the grounds of the Griesheim Industrial Park were a base for the chemical industry, with materials and polymers developed here until the last factory was shut down in 2019.  

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Rahmenplan Frankfurt Westside