AS+P takes first prize in the urban design competition in Suining in Sichuan


The jury and the city planning committee announced today that AS+P has been awarded First Prize in the inter­national urban design competition for the new central business district (CBD) in Suining in the southwestern province of Sichuan in the People’s Republic of China.

Johannes Dell, partner at AS+P and managing director of the Chinese subsidiary AS+P Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd commented on the award, saying “we are especially pleased to have won this prestigious competition for a particularly sustainable, future-oriented project. The development and building plans will be implemented immediately on the basis of the master plan drawn up for the competition.” The 360-hectare site is planned to be a smart “E CBD”. The “E” stands for the focus on the environment (ecological), business (economical), technical progress (electronic), e-commerce, and e-mobility.

The mixed-use quarter, with residential, service, cultural and work facilities stands out for its high urban concentration and its function as a center for surrounding quarters. It is part of a 66-square kilometer urban expansion project and will in future house 150,000 inhabitants and provide 250,000 jobs.

Suining is AS+P’s first project in Sichuan province.