Official Launch of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non- Profit City General Master Plan


The visualization of the development site from a bird’s eye view. © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH | V1

At yesterday's announcement of the master plan developed by AS+P, the Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation (MiSK) provided exciting insights into the successful project.

The master plan, which won both the Iconic Award 2021 and the German Design Award 2022, serves as a basis for a people-centered, future-oriented, sustainable neighborhood covering an area of around 3.4 square kilometers in the heart of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. More than 306,000 square meters of the mixed-use district are expected to be allocated to businesses and services. Smart city and digital infrastructures are to create ideal working conditions for entrepreneurs, science and creative professionals, creating up to 20,000 jobs in the process.

A total of 99,000 square meters will also be dedicated to retail, entertainment, and hospitality businesses. The master plan developed by AS+P likewise envisages residential areas with 500 villas and townhouses as well as 6,000 apartments with various layout typologies, which will provide living space for around 18,000 residents.

The district will be green: In the spirit of resilient and sustainable urban development, more than 44 percent of the site is designated for sports, leisure and local recreation areas – a well thought-out transportation concept focuses on public transport and micro-mobility and will provide facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. In 2018, AS+P emerged as the winner of an inter­national competition launched by the MiSK Foundation and subsequently developed the master plan for the district, which covers 344 hectares in total.

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The future city is located between the Wadi Hanifa district to the north and the Irqah district to the south on the Western Ring Road. Plan © MBS Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation (MiSK)