Official Turf-Cutting Ceremony for the “Hochpunkt E” Residential High-Rise


Left to right: Achim Judt (CEO of MWSP Mannheim), Ralf Eisenhauer (Mannheim’s Head of Planning and Construction), Dr. Peter Kurz, (Lord Mayor of Mannheim), Karl-Heinz Frings (CEO of GBG), Martin Teigeler (CEO of AS+P), Karlheinz Heffner (Director of Technology, Diringer & Scheidel). All photos© AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

Today marks the start of construction work on a projected residential building by AS+P in Mannheim’s Franklin district.

AS+P CEO Martin Teigeler was on site to cut the first turf, along with Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz, Karl-Heinz Frings, CEO of the GBG – Mannheimer housing association, along with several others.

Back in 2017, GBG commissioned AS+P to plan a new building. This will offer future residents 10,000 m² of living space, spread over 13 stories. Maisonettes will occupy the two-floor base construction and the tower will accommodate more conventional apartments. The project will be implemented using the KfW 55 standard.

The building’s shape is a distinctive one– it forms an “E”, one of the four letters that go to make up the word HOME. This is part of a concept for a high-rise family involving the implementation of the word in a total of four residential blocks – and it simultaneously represents the vision behind the conversation project that is FRANKLIN. Until 2013, this 144-hectare site in the Käfertal area southeast of Mannheim, was home to barracks for the American army. Following the troops’ departure, the intention is to create the kind of sustainable urban district where people can live and work. The projected four residential towers will form an architectural landmark, lending both the new site and Mannheim’s skyline their own distinctive flair.

For the project, please click here.

At the construction site: This is the location of the projected 13-story residential building containing condominiums.