Green light for construction of the new “ProfiCamp” for Eintracht Frankfurt Fussball AG


At a press conference on Friday morning Axel Bienhaus, managing director of AS+P, and Axel Hellmann, Executive Board member of Eintracht Fußball AG, announced that with planning permission having been granted, work on construction of the Eintracht “ProfiCamp” could now begin. AS+P designed the new complex on Otto Fleck Schneise, which will bring the football club’s professional players as well as its staff members under one roof for the first time.

“The construction of the new ‘ProfiCamp’ is a very special project for us. I am all the more delighted that work on the shell can now begin,” Axel Bienhaus said at the press conference, at which he explained the design to the attending journalists: “First, the focus is on sport; this is appropriately reflected in the architecture and, as Eintracht Fussball AG’s calling card, takes on a representative function. The location is a further important aspect,” Bienhaus continued. The new Eintracht family home will be built southeast of the Commerzbank Arena, in a position he described as the “sporting heart” of the city forest.

The building complex comprises a five-story A Section with a square footprint, in which the media facilities, office and administration units will be housed, and, directly adjoining it, a three-story B Section, which will be reserved exclusively for the professional players. In total, across a gross surface area measuring around 18,800 m² it provides space for 240 workstations, a parking deck, and an underground parking garage.


Reduced formal idiom, plenty of natural daylight and a sustainable energy concept

In the “ProfiCamp” AS+P has designed a new structure which first and foremost stands out for its restrained, classic elegance and its high quality down to the very last detail. “We didn’t want a showy building, but rather one that is compact and elegant, that also embodies dignity and pride,” Axel Hellmann explained. As such, the architects at AS+P designed a profiled, rear-ventilated ceramic façade, which with its extensive aluminum post-and-beam construction ensures transparency and plenty of natural daylight in the main entrance, staff restaurant and conference area. The façade’s colors are an interpretation of Eintracht Frankfurt’s club colors – black and white. Solar thermal power, heat pumps and an underground brine storage facility together with heating and cooling systems are part of the efficient energy concept, which saves around 783 tons of CO2 per year. According to Andreas Schröder, managing director of Frankfurt Aufbau AG (FAAG), if everything goes according to plan, the new complex will be ready in late 2020. 

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From left: Andreas Schröder (FAAG), Axel Hellmann and Axel Bienhaus present the model of the Eintracht ProfiCamp. Photo © Eintracht Frankfurt, Photographer Jan Hübner

The model: Two building elements with a total floor area of 18.000 m² and an ample park, with was also planned by AS+P. Photo © Eintracht Frankfurt, Photographer Ulrich Schepp