From a master urban development plan to physical development planning: “Former turbine factory” in Mannheim


Master urban development plan © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

On September 28 the Environment and Technology Commission unanimously resolved the public presentation of the draft land-use plan no. 71.55 “Former turbine factory”. The draft land-use plan with explanatory statement, environmental report and all kinds of expert opinions can be inspected by the general public in the near future. The authorities will then also have the opportunity to comment on the planning.

The resolution is the successful preliminary outcome of a functional zoning project organized by an integrated AS+P team and scheduled to run for some 12 months. Along with urban planning-related questions, a large number of different aspects were subjected to an intensive legal scrutiny. The objective of the planning is to transform the former turbine factory in Mannheim into a modern, future-oriented business park in the city center and to use the buildings not only for offices but also for a manufacturing site. With this in mind, the aim is to preserve the existing edifices, which are so important in terms of building culture.

Together with a number of experts, AS+P has been working on the site since 2019 on behalf of Aurelis Real Estate GmbH. Starting with the master urban development plan, the project was then taken to the legal zoning plan stage. This included everything from looking after the landscaping competition for the area surrounding the recently planned high-rise to the concrete architectural design and its implementation. Urban development, the legal site planning, landscaping and architecture – here, the team at AS+P covers all the basics in terms of both urban planning and legal requirements in order to create an attractive new industrial estate in Mannheim.

Interior view of the workshops © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH