Future comes from experience

For us, „think ahead.“ means to think outside the box and develop visions for tomorrow – together with our clients and our interdisciplinary team.

In a world in which planning and building projects are becoming ever more complex, AS+P consciously opts for a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach: Our team of 200 architects and urban planners, landscape architects and transport engineers develops and plans projects of all sizes from regional planning through to small architectural details - with support from geographers, interior designers, and project managers. From our offices in Frankfurt, Muscat and Shanghai we are active on projects all over the world.

We develop office and residential buildings, design hotels and shopping complexes. Our core expertise is in architecture, urban planning, transport and landscape planning. We are also specialized in the fields of cultural and education buildings, sports venues, airport and trade-fair planning, and concepts for mega-events. In the process, we emphasize the expectations we have of our living environment in the future while prioritizing resource conservation and maximum energy efficiency.

We combine expertise acquired over decades with pioneering methods such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). We provide all the stages in planning - from the initial idea to construction man­age­ment - and can act on your behalf as general planners or as an individual specialist planners.

For us, each individual project is of paramount importance and we are firmly committed to supporting our clients. We are spurred on by curiosity and enthusiasm. With professionalism and team spirit we guarantee the quality our clients expect and which is likewise the standard we have set ourselves.

Managing Directors + Partner

Axel Bienhaus

Managing Director and Shareholder

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Friedbert Greif

Managing Director and Shareholder

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Joachim Schares

Managing Director and Shareholder

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Martin Teigeler

Managing Director and Shareholder

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Stefan Kornmann

Authorized Signatory and Shareholder

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Associated Partners

Joachim Bothe

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Ralf Braun

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Matthias Dilger

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Kathrin Gallus

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Jürgen Häpp

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Ron Reck

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Matthias Schöner

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Daniel Ulrich

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Michael Vogt

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Susanne Wellershaus

Head of Communications and Tender Management


The Communications central unit is responsible for the wide-ranging com­mu­ni­ca­tion tasks inside and outside AS+P, as well as for interdisciplinary interface man­age­ment on complex tendering procedures. With its professional all-round grasp of all aspects of the AS+P brand, the team is the first port of call for enquiries about interviews, images, lectures, and from the press, as well as about all reprinting issues and the website. In the field of tender man­age­ment, the team coordinates the entire process, from identification and evaluation of project opportunities and the preparation of documents to the submission of applications.

Michael Kirchgessner



With its thorough understanding of the business IT, this central unit ensures there is a high-availability, flexible, maximum-security infrastructure through the provision of innovative com­mu­ni­ca­tion and data platforms on the company’s own servers and in the cloud. This guarantees that the inter­national teams can also operate when they are on the road, and that all over the world they are able at any time to work with internal specialist departments, clients, and external partners. The universal digitization and automation of processes, combined with agile methods and scalability are what characterize the professional IT service at AS+P.

Susanne Fleischer

Head of Finance and Con­trolling

Finances and Con­trolling

As business man­age­ment consultants and sparring partners for the other sections, the Finances and Con­trolling section at AS+P makes a decisive contribution to the success of the company. With its sights firmly set on financial excellence the team balances all aspects of accounting and the annual financial statements, not to mention financial planning and analyses, taxes, banking and securing financing. In addition, thanks to an integrated controlling system the section supports the various operative business units and lays the foundations for comprehensive risk assessments and forward planning.

Our Team


It all began back in 1964 with an inter­national competition in Ludwigshafen: Albert Speer won the 2nd Prize and thereupon founded his own company in Frankfurt. It employed four staff members and worked designing new housing districts and zoning plans. Larger jobs for regional and urban development plans in Asia and North Africa followed, as did the first architecture project in Frankfurt. As a result, the office was restructured in 1973 and Speerplan GmbH established.

The company soon grew thanks to a wide spectrum of projects in the Middle East and also acted as consultant to the City of Frankfurt on decisive strategic development projects. By 1985, the payroll had increased to 30 – and so it was that AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH was born. With the goal of providing strategic consultancy services for complex projects, in 1996 AS&P acquired a 34%-stake in the new company PROPROJEKT Planungsman­age­ment & Projektberatung GmbH, which it had co-founded.

In 2007, ten years after first entering the Chinese planning market, we founded a wholly-owned subsidiary there, AS&P Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., to ensure a permanent and clear presence in China. The projects in question range from regional and urban planning to architectural design work.

More than 50 years after founding the company, at the end of 2016 Albert Speer handed over man­age­ment to the next generation. AS&P thus evolved into AS+P. As an owner-managed company, we look back with pride on the past half century full of important events – some of them we want to share with you below.


Albert Speer establishes his own architecture and planning office in Frankfurt/Main. Prior to that, he officially placed second in a design competition in Ludwigshafen with the unofficially favored draft. The office, consisting of four employees, develops a new residential quarter and land use plans.


The office is awarded its first inter­national contract, namely for the urban and regional planning of West Tripolitania, Libya.


First architecture project: the planning contract for the DG Bank headquarters in Frankfurt/Main. At the University of Kaiserslautern, Albert Speer is appointed Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. He establishes the Spatial and Environmental Planning curriculum and significantly influences it until 1997.


The Speerplan GmbH is established.


A long-lasting cooperation with the Saudi Arabian government starts with the strategic development planning and realization of the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh as well as a residential quarter.


Consultancy work for the City of Frankfurt/Main begins with a commission for Messe Frankfurt. Over the years, the office plays a role in shaping key locations, including the Museums­ufer, Messe Frankfurt and parts of Frankfurt Airport and the skyline.


The office draws up an “Overall Plan for the Museums­ufer River Bank Development”. It defines both river banks as parts of the city core. The Holbeinsteg pedestrian bridge is built in 1990.


Speerplan GmbH evolves into AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH. The office submits the master plan for downtown Frankfurt/Main — in particular the series of high-rises on Mainzer Landstrasse has emerged as an important element of the skyline.


Consultation work for the overall expansion planning of Frankfurt Airport lays the foundation for transport planning as a new AS&P service.


Albert Speer founds the Professor Albert Speer – Stiftung to support and train students of architecture and planning. AS&P supports the EXPO 2000 in Hanover by devising the master plan, which it then advances in the local office until the exhibition opening.


With the goal of providing strategic consultancy services for complex projects, in 1996 AS&P acquires a 34%-stake in the new company PROPROJEKT Planungsman­age­ment & Projektberatung GmbH, which it has co-founded.


In Mannheim, the office is commissioned to build the Victoria-Turm. Work in China begins with the pilot project in Shanghai for the sustainable urban development of a model town.


AS&P develops the urban development framework plan for one of Germany´s biggest inner-city developments, the Europaviertel in Frankfurt am Main.


In Shanghai, AS&P places first in inter­national planning competitions for Shanghai International Automobile City und Anting New Town.


In Munich, AS&P assumes the tasks of determining location and coordination as well as the functional design for a new soccer stadium, thus laying the foundations for today’s Allianz Arena.


The office develops the master plan 2020 for Messe Frankfurt and the Olympic candidacy for the City of Leipzig in 2012.


Professor Albert Speer is honored with the Goetheplakette award for his services to the city of Frankfurt/Main.


In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, AS&P wins an inter­national competition to plan and realize the Criminal Court Complex.


The fully owned subsidiary, AS&P – Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is founded.


AS&P develops the master plan for the city of Cologne.


AS&P submits the future study “Frankfurt for All” to the City of Frankfurt/Main.


Qatar is chosen by FIFA to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup based on application documents and a competition concept by AS&P, PROPROJEKT and Serviceplan.


Campo Bornheim in Frankfurt/Main, planned by AS&P, wins the Green Building Award 2011. AS&P assembles a 30-member on-site team to support the building planning of the new ECB. On the basis of this expertise, AS&P develops its construction man­age­ment service portfolio.


AS&P develops the master plan and innovation handbook for InnovationCity Ruhr, Model City Bottrop.


The Fraport AG head office planned and realized by AS&P is completed at Frankfurt Airport. The highly efficient and sustainable building is awarded platinum DGNB certification.


The new European Central Bank (ECB) building in Frankfurt/Main is completed, with AS&P having played an active supporting role in the project since 2003. AS&P compiles a study for the development of public transport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Transit Oriented Development, T. O. D.).


For Audi AG, the company devises the structural planning for the Audi IN‑Campus in Ingolstadt and completes a design manual. The HeidelbergCement AG commissions AS&P to realize its new Group Headquarter in Heidelberg. AS&P specifies Building Information Modeling (BIM) as the standard method for building construction projects.


A new chapter begins: Friedbert Greif, Axel Bienhaus and Joachim Schares, partners and members of the man­age­ment for many years, take the lead. Albert Speer continues to be a source of inspiration and ideas for the company. AS&P evolves into AS+P.


It’s the end of an era: The company’s founder Professor Albert Speer passes away in September aged 83. For Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, AS+P completes the planning of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI). FC Bayern Munich opens a new sports complex with a youth academy planned by AS+P. New urban quarter in Hanau: AS+P takes on the planning of the conversion of the former Pioneer Barracks, which covers an area of no less than 50 hectares.


Urban expansion of Cairo: In May, AS+P presents the integrated planning of Badya City. MHK Group European Headquarters: Designed by AS+P, the new headquarter in Dreicheich is officially opened in August.


New addition to man­age­ment: Martin Teigeler has been appointed a Managing Partner with effect from July 1, and together with Axel Bienhaus will be responsible for the entire Architecture section; Friedbert Greif and Joachim Schares will continue to be in charge of the Planning section. Green light for the “ProfiCamp”: Construction of the new facility, designed by AS+P, for the Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG football club begins in March. Milestone and pilot project: AS+P has been awarded the contract for the urban development concept for Baku City in Azerbaijan.


Construction of the HeidelbergCement Group headquarters completed: the headquarters planned by AS+P with delicate, curved facade elements made of white raw concrete and three overlapping, height-staggered cubes offers space for around 1,000 employees. Following the inter­national urban planning competition won in 2019, the interdisciplinary team led by AS+P will develop the detailed planning of the master plan concept for the "Riyadh Township" project with a focus on urban planning, landscape architecture, mobility, and infrastructure for a 2,500-hectare planning area by 2021. Innovation Cluster in Saudi Arabia: AS+P is developing the master plan for a 344-hectare area in the heart of Riyadh - a vibrant, modern urban area for living and working for the new Saudi generation.


A year of awards for AS+P: The finished Cargolux New Headquarters at Findel Airport in Luxembourg received not just the renowned Iconic Award but also the Construction Acier steel construction prize in 2021. The general master plan for the “Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non Profit City” in Riad was also named “Best of Best” and given a special mention in the Urban Planning Concept category of the Iconic Award and the German Design Award. In addition, September saw the official opening of the the ProfiCamp that AS+P designed for the Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG football club, which brings staff and players together under one roof. In March, AS+P was awarded the contract for the redrafting of Wiesbaden’s land use plan and is thus laying the foundations for the city’s future urban development.


AS+P was voted “Strongest Brand Germany Architects” for the sixth time in a row at the Real Estate Brand Award and once again comes out on top against renowned competition. There is a strong interdisciplinary team behind our successful brand which was once again delighted to secure major national and inter­national projects: “Baku General Master Plan 2040” in Azerbaijan encompasses all the relevant issues from urban development via land use or sustainable mobility to infrastructure; acts as a blueprint for the urban development of large cities. In October, our masterplan for a greener and more resilient Baku won the prestigious “ISOCARP 2022 Grand Award for Excellence”. In Frankfurt/Main, AS+P is developing a masterplan along with a structural concept for “Frankfurt Westside”, one of the largest brownfield developments to be realized in the financial metropolis in recent years. This commercial zone covers no less than 73 hectares and will future emerge as an attractive location thanks to a sustainable mobility concept as well as designated areas for events and eateries. Our team is also providing comprehensive planning services in the Ahrtal valley, where they are busy supporting the Altenahr municipality in urban development and planning law issues in connection with the consequences of the catastrophic flooding in July 2021. Here the aim is to ensure that the communities are rebuilt robustly to withstand further flooding and adapted to climate change.


„The challenge we face is to identify the kind of opportunities that allow urban growth to boast socially and spatially acceptable scale and act accordingly.“

Martin Teigeler 

„Our architecture provides people with the kind of spaces that motivate and inspire them, as well as allowing for both focused work and contemplation.“

Axel Bienhaus 

„As planners, we not only market our expertise and experience, we also set our holistic sights on just how much is possible on the ground at the moment.“

Joachim Schares 

„AS+P’s holistic approach to planning always comprises an overarching mobility concept including the future-proof use of the public domain.“

Ron Reck 

„Integrated digitization and maximum-security guarantee that our AS+P teams can always work with our clients throughout the world at any time.“

Michael Kirchgessner 

„What matters to us at AS+P is not the largest number of likes but a consistent and credible performance plus a strong, authentic brand.“

Susanne Wellershaus 

„It is people who are at the center of our urban masterplans, which are characterized by a high degree of quality of life and balanced ecological and social aspects.“

Michael Vogt 

„At AS+P, every planning process is conducted according to the principles of sustainable development and aims for robust, flexible and durable structures.“

Stefan Kornmann

„We design complex spaces within a communicative and inspiring urban environment. This kind of forward-looking planning represents our chance to contribute to a climate-friendly future.“

Matthias Dilger 

„Transposing a design idea onto a legal zoning plan is an important process, one that reconciles an urban planning concept with its implementation under the terms of the master plan.“

Joachim Bothe 

„We attach great importance to high-quality, attractive buildings, meaning edificesthat do not use too many resources but nevertheless meet the necessary requirements in terms of both ecology and design.“

Daniel Ulrich 

„In our design work and when developing our concepts, our architecture attaches particular importance to the task at hand and to the prevailing character of a place. This makes for manifold ideas and sophisticated solutions.“

Kathrin Gallus 

„Architecture is not an end in itself. We need to think, feel, and live architecture. After all, our deliberations always revolve around people.“

Ralf Braun 

„Sport knows no bounds; it bonds different generations and brings together different cultures. Planning and building for sports is something that is very close to our hearts.“

Matthias Schöner 

„Performance, fair play, and the ability to work together as a team are values that are of fundamental importance in our everyday working lives at AS+P.“

Friedbert Greif 

„We at AS+P can rely on modern digital systems to ensure that all finance-related processes function smoothly so that we represent a reliable business partner.“

Susanne Fleischer 

„Our concepts adopt a holistic approach. For everything from the relevant urban planning to the architecture itself, we design versatile living spaces that adapt to their various requirements.“

Jürgen Häpp 

Our office in Shanghai

AS+P Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The curiosity that took us to China far sooner than most of our compet­itors ensured that AS+P landed some of the most inter­esting planning contracts of the past few years. So as to position ourselves permanently in the Chinese planning market, AS+P founded a wholly-owned subsidiary »AS+P Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.« in 2007. As General Manager, Yue Zhang is leading the company in Shanghai since 2017.

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PROPROJEKT Planungsman­age­ment & Projektberatung GmbH

PROPROJEKT Planungsman­age­ment & Projektberatung GmbH was founded in 1996, together with AS+P, having the main objective of providing strategic consultancy in the early phases of complex projects. Since then, PROPROJEKT has been an owner-managed and independent consultancy active in all specialist fields of planning and construction, with offices based in Frankfurt / M. and Berlin.

The core competencies include feasibility studies and economic analyses, competent consulting in complex tendering processes, a solution-oriented client representation and overall project man­age­ment as well as strategic conception and support of urban development processes, major sport events and sport and cultural buildings.

Since July 2017, Stefan Klos is the sole managing director at the helm of PROPROJEKT and is supported by Friedemann Tutsch as authorised signatory since 2012. In 2019 the company structure was reorganised, and Immanuel Geis is now part of the company man­age­ment. Since January 2022, he is Authorized Signatory.

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH holds 34 per cent of the authorised share capital of PROPROJEKT.



We have worked for numerous public and private clients worldwide and are proud of the trust placed in us.

A — ABG FRANK­FURT HOL­DING Woh­nungs­bau-​ und Be­tei­li­gungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Abold Büro für Mar­ke­ting­kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­on GmbH, Abu Dhabi Sports Coun­cil, Abuja In­vest­ments Com­pa­ny Ltd., ADA - Ariyadh De­ve­lop­ment Aut­ho­ri­ty, Ad­lers­hof Pro­jekt GmbH, Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on Co­mit­tee of Tais­han Youth Busi­ness Es­ta­blish­ment De­ve­lop­ment Park, Adolf Lupp GmbH & Co. KG, ADt­ranz Daim­ler Chrys­ler Rail Sys­tems GmbH, Aen­ge­velt Im­mo­bi­li­en GmbH & Co. KG, ag­staUM­WELT GmbH, Air­Rail Cen­ter Ffm Ver­wal­tungs­ge­sell­schaft, AIT, AIV, ALDI GmbH & Co. KG, Alles.Hen­nings­en.Diet­rich GbR, Al­li­anz Arena München Sta­di­on GmbH, AMB Ge­ne­ra­li GMBH, Arch­plan En­gi­nee­ring Of­fice for Ar­chi­tec­ture and Plan­ning, AREA­TIS Im­mo­bi­li­en GmbH & Co. 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Ver­lags­haus Frank­furt am Main GmbH, DSK Deutsche Stadt- und Grundstücksentwicklung mbH & Co., Dubai Noor Is­la­mic Bank, City of Dur­ban, South Af­ri­ca, DZ-​Bank Frank­furt AG, E — E.ON En­er­gie, Im­mo­bi­li­en GmbH, EADS Real Es­ta­te, Fried­richs­ha­fen, EBIG Ent­wick­lungs-​ und Be­tei­li­gungs­ges. für Im­mo­bi­li­en mbH & Co. KG, ECE Pro­jekt­ma­nage­ment GmbH & Co. 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KG, Gaz­prom In­vest, GBG-Mannheimer Wohnungs­baugesellschaft mbH, GEBB Ge­sell­schaft für Ent­wick­lung, Be­schaf­fung und Be­trieb mbH, GEC Ger­man Ex­po­si­ti­on Cor­po­ra­ti­on In­ter­na­tio­nal GmbH, Ge­mein­de Kau­fun­gen, Ge­mein­de Krif­tel, Gemeinde Liederbach, Ge­mein­de Nies­te­tal, Ge­mein­de Sper­gau, Ge­ne­ral­kon­su­lat der VR China, GEVAS Soft­ware GmbH, Gewo, GID Ge­sell­schaft für In­nen­stadt­ent­wick­lung in Duis­burg mbH, GIE d´étude pour le développement urbain, GIU Ge­sell­schaft für In­no­va­ti­on und Un­ter­neh­mensförde­rung mbH, giz Deutsche Gesell­schaft für Internationale, Goethe-Institut e.V., Gold­Ba­se Real Es­ta­te (Zheng­zhou) Co., Ltd., Golf Club St. Le­on-​Rot, Groß und Part­ner Grundstücks­ent­wick­lungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Grundstücks­ge­sell­schaft Gate­way Gar­dens GmbH, GSE Ge­sell­schaft für Stadt­er­neue­rung und Stadt­ent­wick­lung Ba­den-​Ba­den GmbH, Guang­zhou Ea­se­fo­re Ar­chi­tec­ture De­sign & Con­sul­ta­ti­on Co., Ltd., Gui­lin Mu­ni­ci­pal Constuc­tion & Plan­ning Bu­reau, GVG Grundstücks­ver­wal­tungs­ge­sell­schaft der Stadt Mainz mbH, Grundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft, GWH-​Ge­meinnützun­ge Woh­nungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH Hes­sen, Frank­furt, H — Ha­be­rent Pro­jekt­ent­wick­lungs-​ und Pla­nungs GmbH, Hertha BSC GmbH & CO KGaA, Hes­si­sche Lan­des­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Staat­li­che Treu­hand­stel­le für ländl. Bo­den­ord­nung, Hes­si­sches Bau­ma­nage­ment Re­gio­nal­nie­der­las­sung Nord, Hes­si­sches Lan­des­amt für Straßen und Ver­kehrs­we­sen, Frank­furt am Main, Hes­si­sches Mi­nis­te­ri­um für Wis­sen­schaft und Kunst, Hochtaunuskreis, HOCH­TIEF Con­struc­tion AG, HOCH­TIEF Pro­jekt­ent­wick­lung GmbH, HO­MO­LA Pro­jekt­ma­nage­ment AG, Frank­furt, HP&P de­ve­lop­ment GmbH, HSE HEAG Südhes­si­sche En­er­gie AG, HT Tro­plast AG, Trois­dorf, Huamu Town Peop­le´s Go­vern­ment, Shang­hai, I — ICM Düssel­dorf, IMAR Urban Con­sul­tants, Im­mo­kor Buzin d.o.o., In­fra­Serv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG, IN-CAMPUS GmbH, ING Real Es­ta­te In­vest­ment Ma­nage­ment Ger­ma­ny GmbH, In­nen­mi­nis­te­ri­um Lu­xem­burg, In­no­va Con­struc­tion & Con­trac­ting MMC, In­ter­na­tio­nal Au­to­mo­bi­le City De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., In­ter­tec Stadt­ent­wick­lungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, ipro­plan Pla­nungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, ISAR-​SÜD Grundstücks­ent­wick­lung GmbH, ITS Con­sul­tan­cy Group Ltd., Bang­kok, ivm GmbH, J — J.W. Goe­the Uni­ver­sität FFM, Jabal Khan­da­ma De­ve­lop­ment Pro­ject, Jinji Real Es­ta­te, Jones Lang La­Sal­le GmbH, Julius Berger International GmbH, Ju­li­us Ber­ger Ni­ge­ria PLC, K — Kan­ton Schwyz, Bau­de­par­te­ment, Keys­to­ne In­ter­na­tio­nal GmbH, KIB Pro­jekt GmbH, Kin­der­mann GmbH & Co. Frank­fur­ter Ob­jekt KG, KM Pro­per­ties, Kölner Sportstätten GmbH, Kona Korea Na­ter­mann GmbH, Kreisstadt Saarlouis, Stadt Görlitz, L — Lah­mey­er In­ter­na­tio­nal GmbH, LAMDA, Land Ba­den-​Würt­tem­berg, ver­tre­ten durch Vermögen und Bau Ba­den-​Würt­tem­berg, Land Hes­sen, Lan­des­be­trieb für Straßenbau Saar­land, Lan­des­be­trieb Straßen und Ver­kehr Rhein­land-​Pfalz, Landeshauptstadt Augsburg, Lan­des­haupt­stadt Dres­den, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Lan­des­haupt­stadt Mainz, Lan­des­haupt­stadt München, Lan­des­haupt­stadt Wies­ba­den, Lang & Cie., LBBW Im­mo­bi­li­en Ro­ma­nia S.R.L., LEG Pla­nen & Bauen GmbH, Leip­zig, Frei­staat Sach­sen und Part­nerstädte GmbH, Li­by­an In­vest­ment and De­ve­lop­ment Co., Lion Investments SA, Li­uz­hou Sunshi­ne 100 Real Es­ta­te Co., Ltd., Luxairport, Lux­lait As­so­cia­ti­on Agri­co­le, Lu­xem­burg, M — Mäckler Architekten, Ma­gis­trat der Stadt Bad Hom­burg v.d. Höhe, Ma­gis­trat der Stadt Epp­stein, Magistrat der Stadt Hanau, Ma­gis­trat der Stadt Frank­furt, Ma­gis­trat der Stadt Fulda, Magistrat der Stadt Offenbach am Main, Magistrat der Kreisstadt Limburg a. d. Lahn, Main Square GmbH & Co. KG, Kreis­aus­schuss Main-​Tau­nus-​Kreis, Main­vier­tel Of­fen­bach GmbH & Co. KG, Mann­hei­mer Kon­gress und Tou­ris­tik GmbH, Massht­ab, Ma­na­ging Com­pa­ny, Mas­ter­plan Lybia, Max Bögel Bau­un­ter­neh­mung GmbH & Co. KG, MBIV AG & Co. Busi­ness Cen­ter KG, MBS Bin Abdulaziz AL Saud Foundation (MiSK), Mi­nis­te­ri­um für Bauen und Ver­kehr Nord­rhein-​West­fa­len, Messe Frank­furt GmbH, Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH & Co. KG, Messe München GmbH, Me­teksan Sis­tem, MFI, MG Vermögens­ver­wal­tungs-​AG, Mi­nis­te­re de l'eco­no­mie Lu­xem­burg, Mi­nis­te­ri­um für Bau und Stadt­ent­wick­lung der Mon­go­lei, Mi­nis­te­ri­um für Ju­gend und Sport, Aser­baid­schan, Mi­nis­te­ri­um für Wirt­schaft, Ver­kehr, Land­wirt­schaft und Wein­bau Rheinl.-Pf., Mi­nis­try of Civil Avia­ti­on, Egypt, Mi­nis­try of Cul­ture and Tou­rism of Azer­bai­jan, Mi­nis­try of Hou­sing, Utilities and Urban, Egypt, Mi­nis­try of Tou­rism, Egypt, mo­ma­tec GmbH, MODON Saudi Industrial Property Authority, Mon­tan-​Grundstücks­ge­sell­schat mbH, Mübau Real Es­ta­te Hol­ding GmbH, Mühlen­dorf Grund­be­sitz & In­ves­ti­ti­ons­ge­sell­schaft & Co. KG, Münch­ner Bau­ge­sell­schaft mbH, MWS Con­sul­tant, N — NACO Nether­lands Air­port Con­sul­tants B.V., Nas­saui­sche Heimstätte Woh­nungs-​ und Ent­wick­lungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, NDDC - Niger Delta De­ve­lop­ment Com­mis­si­on, New Squa­re De­ve­lop­ment, Moscow, new­Park Pla­nungs-​ und Ent­wick­lungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, NH-​Im­mo­bi­li­en GmbH, O — ÖBB - Öster­rei­chi­sche Bun­des­bahn, OFB Bau­ver­mitt­lungs-​ und Ge­wer­be­bau GmbH, Olym­pia­park München GmbH, OMG / DB Sta­ti­on + Ser­vice AG, Omnia Grundstücks- GmbH & Co. Ob­jekt Hai­den­au­platz KG, Op­pen­hei­mer Im­mo­bi­li­en-​Ka­pi­tal­an­la­gen­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Opus Ge­sell­schaft für Pro­jekt­ent­wick­lung mbH, Or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons­kom­mi­tee Deutsch­land der FIFA Fußball WM 2006, P — Palm Hills De­ve­lop­ment Com­pa­ny, Pan-​Chi­na En­gi­nee­ring Co. Ltd., Paul Wurth S.A., Planungsgemeinschaft Hafenpark Quartier BF Süd, Planungsgemeinschaft FCB Nach­wuchs­leistungs­zentrum, Pre­s­tel Ver­lag GmbH & Co. KG, Pro­con­sult, Ge­sell­schaft für ge­werb­li­che Im­mo­bi­lien­ent­wick­lung mbH, Pro­Pro­jekt Pla­nungs­ma­nage­ment & Pro­jekt­be­ra­tung GmbH, Pudong New Area Lu­jia­zui Func­tio­nal Zone Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on Com­mit­tee, PUMAC S.A,  Q — QFA - Qatar Foot­ball As­so­cia­ti­on, Qua­tar Real Es­ta­te Com­pa­ny, R — Real I.S. AG Ge­sell­schaft für Im­mo­bi­li­en As­set­ma­nage­ment, Reb­stock Pro­jekt­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Ree­Moon BDC WLL, Real Estat De­ve­lop­ment, Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt, Regionalverband Frankfurt Rhein Main, Re­gio­nal­ver­band Hoch­rhein-​Bo­den­see, RE­NO­VA Stroy Group, Re­pu­blic of Mon­te­ne­gro, Rhein-​Main-​Hal­len Be­triebs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Rhom­berg Bau GmbH, rms Rhein-​Main-​Ver­kehrs­ver­bund Ser­vice GmbH, Ro­land Ber­ger Stra­te­gy Con­sul­tants GmbH, RWE Ak­ti­en­ge­sell­schaft, S — SAUD­CON­SULT Riyadh, SAUDI CONSULTING SERVICES, SAUDI REAL ESTATE CO., SBB - Schwei­zer Bun­des­bahn, Schwarz­wald - Baar Kli­ni­kum Vil­lin­gen Schwen­nin­gen GmbH, Seel­hors­ter Gar­ten GmbH & Co. KG, Sema Parc SA, Shang­hai Cao He Jing Hi-​Tech Park (Pudong Area) De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Cap­Gen In­vest­ment Co. Ltd., Shang­hai Cen­tu­ry Shui­qingm­u­hua Real Es­ta­te Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Cul­tu­ral Plaza De­ve­lop­ment Co., Shang­hai Degui Art Space De­sign Ltd., Shang­hai Green Admin. Bu­reau, Shang­hai In­ter­na­tio­nal Au­to­mo­bi­le City New An­ting United De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai In­ter­na­tio­nal Au­to­mo­bi­le City Real Es­ta­te Co., Ltd., Shang­hai, P.R.C., Shang­hai In­ter­na­tio­nal Me­di­cal Park Co. Ltd, Shang­hai In­ter­na­tio­nal Ten­de­ring Co., Ltd, Shang­hai Jaso Group, Shang­hai Jia­ding New City De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Jia­shi Group Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Lin Gang New Town In­vest­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Lin­gang Ni­cheng eco­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Mu­ni­ci­pal Plan­ning Aut­ho­ri­ties, Shang­hai Nans­han Real Es­ta­te De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Shi­mao De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Shun­chi In­vest­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Si­no­tect Ar­chi­tec­ture Con­sul­tants Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Te­lecom, Shang­hai Ton­qji Urban Plan­ning and De­sign Re­se­arch In­sti­tu­te, Shang­hai Urban Plan­ning and Admin. Bu­reau, Shang­hai Vanke City Gar­den De­ve­lop­ment Co. Ltd., Shang­hai Zhang­jiang Hi-​Tech Park De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd., Shang­hai Zhang­jiang Se­mi­con­duc­tor In­dus­try Park Co., Ltd., P.R.C., Société de L´Aéroport de Luxembourg S.A., Sie­mens AG, Siemens Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, Sie­mens Real Es­ta­te China, Sin­pas Con­struc­tion, In­dus­try and Trade Co., Sin­to­farm S.A., SpVgg Greu­ther Fürth e.V., SRE Sie­mens Real Es­ta­te, Staat­li­che Rhein-​Ne­ckar-​Ha­fen­ge­sell­schaft Mann­heim mbH, Stadt Mann­heim, Stadt Augs­burg, Stadt Bad Hom­burg, Stadt Bad Soden, Stadt Ba­den-​Ba­den, Stadt Bad Vilbel, Stadt Bo­chum, Stadt Darm­stadt, Stadt Drei­eich, Stadt Duis­burg, Stadt Esch­born, Stadt Flörs­heim am Main, Stadt Frank­furt am Main, Stadt Freiburg im Breisgau, Stadt Fulda, Stadt Hanau, Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Hanau mbH, Stadt Hei­del­berg, Stadt Hei­den­heim, Stadt In­gel­heim am Rhein, Stadt Jena, Stadt Kelkheim (Taunus), Stadt Karls­ru­he, Stadt Kassel - Der Magistrat, Stadt Köln, Stadt Kon­stanz, Stadt Krefeld, Stadt Langen, Stadt Leip­zig, Stadt Le­ver­ku­sen, Stadt Lud­wigs­ha­fen am Rhein, Stadt Lu­xem­burg, Stadt Mann­heim, Stadt Neu Isen­burg, Stadt Neumarkt i. d. OPf., Stadt Neu-​Ulm, Stadt Ober­ur­sel, Stadt Of­fen­bach, Stadt Of­fen­burg, Stadt Oldenburg, Stadt Rüssels­heim, Stadt Spey­er, Stadt Stadt­al­len­dorf, Stadt Stutt­gart, Stadt Tau­nus­stein, Stadt Ti­ra­na, Stadt Tuttlingen, Stadt Viern­heim, Stadt Weinheim, Stadt Wolfs­burg, Stadt Worms, Stadt Würz­burg, Stadt­wer­ke Augs­burg, Stadt­wer­ke Mainz AG, Stadt­wer­ke Of­fen­bach Hol­ding GmbH, Star de­ve­lop­ment GmbH & Co. KG, STEP Stutt­gar­ter En­gi­nee­ring Park GmbH, Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg, Stin­nes Immo Ent­wick­lungs AG, Sto­fa­nel AG, Ber­lin, STRA­BAG Pro­jekt­ent­wick­lung GmbH, Stroi­tel­nie In­ves­tit­sii LLC, Süddeut­scher Ver­lag GmbH, Sum­mit Pro­per­ty De­ve­lop­ment Co., Ltd. Shang­hai, Suz­hou In­dus­tri­al Park Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ve Com­mit­tee, SV Darmstadt 98, SV Spar­kas­sen Ver­si­che­rung Stutt­gart, SV We­hen-​Wies­ba­den e.V., SWIETELSKY Baugesellschaft mbH T — Ten­gel­mann Wa­ren­han­dels­ge­sell­schaft, TE­NO­VIS, The Bos­ton Con­sul­ting Group In­ter­na­tio­nal Inc., Thys­sen­Krup­pAG, Tian­jin Haihe Con­struc­tion De­ve­lop­ment In­vest­mend Ltd., Tish­man-​Spey­er Pro­per­ties Deutsch­land GmbH, Topf­loor-​In­vest Hol­ding GmbH, Traf­fic Con­sult GmbH, Trend Ca­pi­tal GmbH & Co. KG / Dubai Busi­ness Bay KG, Tri­Wi­Con, TuS Makkabi Frankfurt e.V. U — Ull­rich Im­mo­bi­li­en­ver­wal­tungs GmbH, München, Union In­vest­ment Real Es­ta­te AG, Ham­burg, Uni­ver­sität der Bun­des­wehr München, München, UN­TER­NEH­MER FÜR DIE RE­GI­ON KÖLN E.V., UPG Ur­ba­ne Pro­jek­te GmbH, Frank­furt, V — V.I.M. Vic­to­ria Im­mo­bi­li­en-​Ma­nage­ment GmbH, Ver­kehrs­zen­tra­le Hes­sen, Ver­wer­tungs­ge­sell­schaft für Ei­sen­bah­n­im­mo­bi­li­en GmbH & Co. KG, VGS Verkehrsman­age­ment,  VGS - Ver­kehrs­ver­bund-​Ge­sell­schaft Saar mbH, VIC­TO­RIA Ver­si­che­run­gen AG, Vic­tors Bau + Wert AG, Ville de Du­de­lan­ge, Ville de Wiltz, Vi­ter­ra De­ve­lop­ment GmbH, Vi­ter­ra Ge­wer­be­im­mo­bi­li­en GmbH, Vi­vi­co Real Es­ta­te GmbH, Vod­a­fo­ne Hol­ding GmbH & Co. Ver­wal­tungs OHG, VR-​Im­mo­bi­li­en -​Lea­sing GmbH, W — Wald­sta­di­on Frank­furt am Main, Ge­sell­schaft für Pro­jekt­ent­wick­lung mbH, Wal­ter Bau AG, WANG TAT Pro­ject Ma­nage­ment & Con­sul­tan­cy, Wayss & Frey­tag AG, WBW Heidelberg Cement, Wei­hai Torch Hi-​tech Park Sci­ence / Tech­no­lo­gy New Town Pro­ject Of­fice, Wella AG, Wilma Woh­nen Süd GmbH, Wirt­schafts­mi­nis­te­ri­um Lu­xem­burg, Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt, WPV Bau­be­treu­ung GmbH, Würzburg Kickers AG, X — Xia­men Gulf In­vest­ment Co., Ltd., Xi'an Top­sun Group Co., Ltd., Z — ZDF Mainz, Zhang­jiang Hi-​Tech Park Eas­tern District Con­struc­tion Pre­pa­ra­ti­on Of­fice, Zheng­jiang Urban Plan­ning Bu­reau, Zhuhai Plan­ning Bu­reau, ZIV - Zen­trum für in­te­grier­te Ver­kehrs­sys­te­me, ZJHTP Com­pa­ny, Zoo Leip­zig GmbH, Züblin De­ve­lop­ment GmbH, Zürich Agrip­pi­na Le­bens­ver­si­che­rung AG