„At AS+P, every planning process is conducted according to the principles of sustainable development and aims for robust, flexible and durable structures.“

Stefan Kornmann

„Our architecture provides people with the kind of spaces that motivate and inspire them, as well as allowing for both focused work and contemplation.“

Axel Bienhaus 

„What matters to us at AS+P is not the largest number of likes but a consistent and credible performance plus a strong, authentic brand.“

Susanne Wellershaus 

„We attach great importance to high-quality, attractive buildings, meaning edificesthat do not use too many resources but nevertheless meet the necessary requirements in terms of both ecology and design.“

Daniel Ulrich 

„The challenge we face is to identify the kind of opportunities that allow urban growth to boast socially and spatially acceptable scale and act accordingly.“

Martin Teigeler 

„Our concepts adopt a holistic approach. For everything from the relevant urban planning to the architecture itself, we design versatile living spaces that adapt to their various requirements.“

Jürgen Häpp 

„Sport knows no bounds; it bonds different generations and brings together different cultures. Planning and building for sports is something that is very close to our hearts.“

Matthias Schöner 

„In our design work and when developing our concepts, our architecture attaches particular importance to the task at hand and to the prevailing character of a place. This makes for manifold ideas and sophisticated solutions.“

Kathrin Gallus 

„We design complex spaces within a communicative and inspiring urban environment. This kind of forward-looking planning represents our chance to contribute to a climate-friendly future.“

Matthias Dilger 

„Integrated digitization and maximum-security guarantee that our AS+P teams can always work with our clients throughout the world at any time.“

Michael Kirchgessner 

„Performance, fair play, and the ability to work together as a team are values that are of fundamental importance in our everyday working lives at AS+P.“

Friedbert Greif 

„Architecture is not an end in itself. We need to think, feel, and live architecture. After all, our deliberations always revolve around people.“

Ralf Braun 

„We at AS+P can rely on modern digital systems to ensure that all finance-related processes function smoothly so that we represent a reliable business partner.“

Susanne Fleischer 

„As planners, we not only market our expertise and experience, we also set our holistic sights on just how much is possible on the ground at the moment.“

Joachim Schares 

„Transposing a design idea onto a legal zoning plan is an important process, one that reconciles an urban planning concept with its implementation under the terms of the master plan.“

Joachim Bothe 

„AS+P’s holistic approach to planning always comprises an overarching mobility concept including the future-proof use of the public domain.“

Ron Reck 

„It is people who are at the center of our urban masterplans, which are characterized by a high degree of quality of life and balanced ecological and social aspects.“

Michael Vogt 


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