June 2024


Meet AS+P at the 27th Arab-German Business Forum in Berlin

June 3rd - 5th, 2024, The Ritz Carlton Berlin

AS+P’s Managing Director and Partner Joachim Schares will join Panel 1 “Building the Modern Region. Smart Cities: Pioneering Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Business Hubs”, on 4th June, 10.30-11.30.
Every year the Arab-German Business Forum gathers industry leaders, experts, and decision-makers to navigate the evolving landscape of Arab-German business relations, facilitate dialogue, exchange insights and forge partnerships.

If you are interested in participating at the event, you can register here.

We are looking forward to engaging conversations and exchanges!


Archi­tek­tur im ganzheitlichen Kontext: Der Neubau des Cargolux New Headquarter, das jüngst am Flughafen Findel in Luxemburg fertiggestellt worden ist, spiegelt mit Entwurf, Funktionalität und räumlichen Anforderungen das architektonische Schlüsselprinzip von AS+P wider.

Cargolux New Headquarters AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH 2020 / von Axel Bienhaus / Ausgabe 2/20, S. 12, 13: B2LUX – Archi­tek­tur, Industrie, Handel, Wirt­schafts­ma­gazin für Luxemburg, Medienhaus, 10, op Huefdreisch, L-6871 Wecker

Zum Artikel

How will automated vehicles change our lives? Where are the opportunities and challenges? Future streets require planning today. This timely book envisions ways in which changes to urban mobility and technology will transform city streetscapes and, importantly, how cities can prepare. It is a reflection on the relationship between new technologies and urbanism, as well as an agile urban design manual with pictures illustrating potential spatial arrangements enabled by the new technologies. Two case studies in the central urban cores of London and Los Angeles will be presented to show how neighborhoods can be redesigned for the better and how to apply good urban design principles across towns and cities worldwide.

2019 / von Riccardo Bobisse und Andrea Pavia / © RIBA Publishing, 76 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London W1B 1NT, United Kingdom, ISBN: 9781859468616

Im Mai 2017 veröffentlicht die Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry die siebte Ausgabe des "Arab-German Yearbook - Construction and Consulting". Wie in den vorherigen Jahren widmet sich die Publikation erneut den imposantesten Bau-, Infrastruktur- und Consultingprojekten in der arabischen Welt. Der Schwerpunkt dieser Ausgabe liegt auf dem Thema Stadtentwicklung mit all seinen Facetten der Smart City-Idee. AS+P ist mit dem Artikel „Transforming Urban Mobility in Riyadh“ sowie im Kapitel „Urban Building and Public Space“ mit einem Beitrag zum Projekt "Ministerium für Handel und Industrie in Riad, Saudi-Arabien" vertreten.

2017 / Hrsg.: Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry / S. 82


2024 | Guidelines for municipalities

Efficient and climate-friendly logistics


2023 | Planning guideline

Traffic parameters of large-scale logistics properties


2018 | Service brochure

Architecture with Am­bi­ti­on – Office and Administration Building Brochure


2018 | Service brochure

Integral planning - BIM brochure


June 2010 | Study

Urban development concept for the city centre location of Chemnitz University of Technology


February 2009 | Detailed memorandum

"Frankfurt for All" - Perspectives for action for the inter­national city Frankfurt / Main


February 2009 | Abstract

"Frankfurt for All" - Perspectives for action for the inter­national city Frankfurt / Main


August 2010 | Study

Ruhrplan 21, Wandel - Vielfalt - Fairness, project outline for a strategy atlas for the future of the Ruhr region