AS+P is putting out a manual for efficient and sustainable logistics

The efficient and sustainable logistics center © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH | Visualisation: AS+P

AS+P is putting out a manual for efficient and sustainable logistics on a communal level as outcome of a research project.

Logistics are essential to assure the economic and societal supply of goods and wares. Sustainable organisation is a great challenge
for municipalities, planners and approving authorities, for which a basic manual is necessary. At the same time, the demand for efficient and sustainable solutions regarding logistics is increasing. The industry as well as approving authorities take great interest in efficient solutions of high ecological, economic, and societal value.

Soaring juridical regulations, higher environmental and climate demands and -especially in smaller municipalities- a rising lack of workers consequently take a toll on the planning process.

Due to high property and land prices in metropolitan areas as well as many competing for the little land available, logistics is increasingly pushed back to the periphery, thus rising transportation routes and traffic.

AS+P took this occasion to evaluate possibilities of efficient and sustainable man­age­ment of logistics within the framework of a research project. The project was supported within the framework of the Integrated Sustainability Plan Hesse 2025 and elaborated in cooperation with the Hessian ministry for Environment Energy Traffic Living and Rural Spaces. As a result, the manual for municipalities was developed. The manual offers criteria for efficient and sustainable logistics, evaluates piloting instruments, and offers municipalities support in form of a checklist.

For the creation of the manual, meetings with municipalities, experts and the logistics industry took place which assured valuable _ insights. On top of that, best practice examples were evaluated, town tours were organised, and innovative assessments were looked at.

First and foremost, this guide provides a helpful tool for Hessian municipalities but is also applicable to Germany in its entirety and offers help and support for the logistics industry regarding project development.


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