Innovation district concept study Blumenthal Area approved

© Visualization: AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH | Structural urban planning concept

The concept study was approved by a large majority at the Herne City Council in February this year

The former mining site "General Blumenthal XI" has been derelict since 2001 and, at approx. 23.5 ha, represents the largest expanse of fallow land in the city of Herne. AS+P has developed a concept study in an interdisciplinary team visualizing the idea of a "Sustainable Innovation District" - a modern working environment – in a spatial image.

The concept study was approved by a large majority at the Herne City Council in February this year and now serves as the basis for further important planning and process steps. As of now, the study is publicly accessible on the website of the City of Herne.

The comprehensive integrated concept study devised by AS+P as part of a dialogue-oriented process shows how and under what circumstances the area could be developed profitably. The strategy takes account of all the findings from the concluding operations plan procedure for the site’s mining-related activities, insights from the mobility projects, and recommendations by the local authority’s Development Advisory Council (KEB).

The site has a challenging layout and is subject to a wide range of different usage requirements. These must be reconciled with each other and agreed on within the special framework conditions of the site. The main areas of use are environmental medicine, healthcare, chemical research, and development, as well as renewable energies/mobility. Particular attention is paid to the proportion of open and green space and its qualities.

As a result, the concept study was developed and coordinated within the framework of objectives which defines the requisite development qualities and, at the same time, provides scope for potential uses and functions that remain to be defined.

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